Procurement Management, Interventory, Quality Assurance and Environmental Auditing

 Environmental Consulting and Auditing

At HNA Engineering, we are aware of the need to maintain and protect the dynamic balance between man and the environment. We offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary services to companies and institutions with aims on preventing or solving environmental issues that may arise during the creation of projects. Within this context, we have been working primarily on research, development and implementation of optimal solutions to ensure the implementation of clean technologies, generating high returns and simultaneously avoiding damage to the environment.

Monitoring for Contamination Control: Methodologies are conducted using approved EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) parameters and those required by the Ministry of Environment, HNA 3 s1Regional Corporations and administrative departments.
Physical - Chemical and Bacteriological studies of water.
Measurements for air pollution control are carried out with specialized equipment of American technology, approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
Studies of air pollution.
Environmental impact studies, development of
environmental management plans.
Maintenance and control of treatment plant efficiency.
Environmental audits and oversights.