Mini-Refineries Manufacturing & Procurement and Maintenance services:
Lufkin RM designs, Manufacture, Install and Start up, the following Mini-Refineries: (5,000 bls/day to 60,000bls/day)
Components: Lufkin RM has the capability to expand your production with the addition of Independent Modular
Systems, making your refining production more economical. LufkinRM can supervise the entire development process to ensure work is completed to specification, on time and within budget:
1 - Skid Mounted Independent Refining Modules.
2 - Atmospheric Distillation towers.
3 - Jet fuel hydrotreating Units.
4 - Gasoline stabilizers to reduce RVP of gasoline.
5 - Catalytic cracking Units.
6 - Diesel Hydrotre.
7 - Desalter & Desulfur Modular Units.
8 - Naphtha Hydrotreaters.
9 - Heat Exchangers.
10 - Titanium Fabrication.
11 - Engineered structural fabrication.
API Tanks (Any Type) and Pressure Vessel Tanks manufacture.
Procurement services for Refineries:
Lufkin RM, offers a procurement service for any size and Type of Refinery worldwide. Using our refinery expertise will help our customers to be more economically efficient and effective on the refinery operation. We offer to our customers a highly efficient procurement service at a very low cost.
Beside the previous components Lufkin RM can provide portable laboratories for quality control.