Procurement, Assembly and Star Up of Process Equipment

HNA Engineering offers solutions in the areas of supply, installation and commissioning of process equipment for industrial installations. As a value added, we offer the support of a multidisciplinary team of consulting engineers to validate and perform quality assurance of the integration of the equipment supplied to the system or existing process.
With the equipment we supply custom solutions to our clients to maintain or increase production capacity.
Our equipment is manufactured based on specific designs using CFD Technology.

Primarily, we offer the following equipment:

HNA 6 s1* Process equipment for the treatment of oil

two-phase separators
three-phase separators
electrostatic separators
distribution and collection systems for gun barrels
heat exchangers
flotation cells
oil heaters

* Gas Compressor Systems

* gas treatment systems

* gas treatment plants

* Pumps

We build process equipment packages to fulfill the specific needs of our customers.