Precommissioning, Commissioning, Start Up at Surface Facilities and EPC Projects

HNA 4 s1Pre-Commissioning

HNA Engineering has a multidisciplinary team for this project phase that begins once the construction of the plant or systems has been completed, or is in an advanced state. Pre-commissioning includes activities such as the design compliance, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation checks (running-in of equipments, flushing and cleaning activities).


HNA Engineering has a multidisciplinary team for this phase of the project. Commissioning consists in managing the plant and process systems with the introduction of fluids in the equipment. It also includes the operation of the process support facilities and the adjustments required for the successful operation of the plant, and "pre-operational checks" to ensure that the equipment and control systems are working properly.


This phase is much awaited by the client, and it begins at the time the process fluids are introduced and operating conditions are achieved. It includes a certificate of operating conditions.

EPC projects (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

HNA 23 s1

HNA Engineering has a multidisciplinary team and the specific expertise to implement EPC projects (engineering, procurement and construction) under PMI standards (Project Management

Institute) and using specialized processes of project management, procurement management, and purchase of equipment and materials, nationally and internationally.

For the implementation of these projects, our organization has developed strategic alliances with construction and specialized manufacturing companies.