Design and Optimization (Revamping) of Process Equipment Using CFD Technology (Computational Fluid Dynamics)


HNA performs engineering design and optimization (revamping) of equipment or industrial systems using advanced techniques of computer simulation of processes. The procedure takes into account to the operating conditions set by the client.

Sensitivity analyses are conducted to evaluate the impact that the geometric parameters and operating conditions have on the efficiency of the equipment or system goals. Based on the results of the evaluation of the geometry, the final design is determined.


This service includes:

Mass and energy balances of the equipment to design or optimize (revamping).
Thermodynamic analysis of the currents involved in each phase of the process, in the range of operating conditions.
Development of the 3-dimensional geometry.
General Dimensioning.
Selection of the required internals for the achievement of efficiency and safety of the system.
Evaluation of performance using CFD simulation software.
Study of the physicochemical properties of the output currents.
Sensitivity analyses of the variables involved in the process efficiency.
Preparation of engineering documents that describe the basis of engineering, simulation and calculation procedures applied, as well as detailed results of each of the relevant sections in the design and optimization (Revamping).
3D modelling and technical drawings, of the pieces selected and designed.
Development of data sheets.